How to Use a Dog Whistle in Training

Everyone knows that training your pup early on in its life is super important, but we also firmly believe that you can in fact teach an old dog new tricks too with the right tools and techniques. Proper training met with lots of treatos in the correct way, makes for a happy dog and a happy owner.

We have just launched 5 different super cuteWhistle and Lanyards combos - all matching our other Cocopup products of course! Time to train your pup in style.

Dog Whistle training is a popular way to train pups of all ages if you struggle with getting your dogs attention, or cannot whistle yourself. The idea of a Dog Whistle is that it is a noise which stands out to your dog and refocuses their attention back to you and your command. It’s great for recall purposes and for puppy training when they tend to find everything new and super exciting! 

Having just launched our first ever Dog Whistles and Lanyards here are a few tips on how to use Dog Whistles correctly when training your doggo’s.

  1. Do not use them too frequently. This is a tool to regain the focus of your dog. If you abuse the use of the whistle then it can become distressing for your pup. 
  2. Follow the whistle blow immediately with calm assertive energy, body language, and voice to tell your pup exactly what you want them to do. 
  3. If your pup does not complete the command or again gets distracted, blow the whistle, wait for them to focus on you and repeat the command. 
  4. Give praise (and treats from your Cocopup Treat Pouch!) if they follow through with the command or if your dog continues to focus on you and waits. 
  5. Keep practicing this behaviour so that your dog associates the whistle with the command. 

The Cocopup Dog Whistle comes with a handy Lanyard to wear the Whistle around your neck so you can continue that hands free life or if you’d prefer, the Whistles can be attached to yourCocopup Dog Walking Bag orBag Strap so you have everything ready to go in one place.

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