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There’s one thing that’s better than upgrading your pups wardrobe with new dog Harnesses and that thing is when the Harness offers you two prints in one. Introducing our Reversible Neck Bundles - get ready to switch up your pups style in-between your morning and evening walk with the flip of Harness!

All of our bundles feature a Reversible Harness, Lead and Collar at a discounted price - tempted yet? There’s more! You can rest assured that in our Reversible Harness your pup will not only look totally pawsome but feel totally pawsome too! All of our Reversible Harnesses are both lightweight and comfortable and feature a fully adjustable chest strap to fit your pup, whatever their shape or size. Our Collars also feature a solid neoprene for extra comfort! Our Reversible Harness, Lead and Collar are made of Neoprene Material which is quick drying and ideal for post wet walkies or washing. 

As if two prints in one wasn’t enough, we’ve got a range of fun deigns for you to choose from. First up, for all you sophistacied chicas we’re loving our Tan Spots, Monochrome Spots and Pink Dalmatian bundles. All about animals? We suggest opting for our Whale of a Time and Bee Kind Bundles. Looking to add a pop of colour to your pups life? Try out out Cupid Hearts, Abstract Beach and Toile De Jouy prints. Don’t forget to slip your harness for a super exciting surprise! 

If a Reversible Harness Bundle wasn’t enough, you can also match with your pup too! Check out our hooman accessories including our best selling Dog Walking Bag, Cocogym, Scrunchies, Phone Cases, Apple Watch Straps and more! We hope you’re just as excited as we are for you and your pooch to become the coolest couple on the bloc. Twinning is winning!